What We’ve Learned From Our First Year of Marriage

By Tyler & Erin Saldaña

We said, “I do” one year ago today.

In front of over three hundred of our family members and friends, we vowed to commit our entire lives to each other. Here’s what we’ve learned in the past year:

  1. Love isn’t always easy. Sometimes we want to kill each other. And other times, we can treat each other horribly. Sometimes, it seems like it would be easier to just stay single your whole life, but then we remember that easier isn’t always better. Any good thing takes work. To have a good marriage, it takes both of us committing to put one another first on a daily basis.
  2. Being right isn’t the most important thing. Sure, we can fight to win the argument, but at what cost? Occasionally it’s more beneficial to lose the argument but win each other’s trust.
  3. Say what you really mean. Neither of us are mind-readers. When we have something that needs to be communicated, we both need to be up front and honest about our thoughts and feelings.
  4. Sex is a lot different than what we thought it would be. Don’t get us wrong: sex is amazing. However, it’s different than what we were led to believe. Sex is neither as glamorous as Hollywood makes it out to be nor is it as taboo as the church can sometimes preach. Sex is a unique and intimate time for us to connect with, serve, and enjoy each other.
  5. Love covers a multitude of sins. Whether we’ve wronged or have been wronged by each other, love is the only thing that can heal what’s been hurt.
  6. It’s 100% worth it. The last 365 days have been filled with joys and sorrows, success and failure, laughter and tears. We are incredibly grateful for this past year and are excited for the many years to come!

2 thoughts on “What We’ve Learned From Our First Year of Marriage

  1. Tyler, you guys are both an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for posting this and I wish you both man, MANY years of happiness together! 🙂

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